Ras Zebradog (vivo) wrote in powerofthree,
Ras Zebradog

Demons. =EEE

In which Ras had a day that started with brilliance and hyperactivity but was crushed into abysmal upsetness and frustration, and she tries to amend this and both vent her nerves as well as return to a state of insane fangirly glee by writing crap about sexy manly angsty Cole.


The demon had been having bad dreams of late. Half-demon. Demon. Perched on the edge of his bed, he hurled a pillow to one side in a fit of frustration, but the dull swish of it bumping harmlessly against the wall didn't even come close to satisfying. "What..." the half choked word came out through clenched teeth, the wrinkles of a grimace etched firmly into the pink of his muzzle. His whiskers bristled and his ears flushed red, and the unformed scentence became a throaty snarl as he turned and fell face-first upon the bed, beating once with a fist and then clenshing his clawed hands into the blankets.

What AM I? In his mind, at least, the question was clear. Clear, and completely dominating his thoughts. So easy it had all been, in the beginning. Evil was so... simple. He could do no wrong, because if right didn't suit him he'd just change the rules. The world he had lived in was infinitely malleeable. It was one where he had the power to make what he would of any and every given situation...

And then he'd caught himself up with them. With... </i>her</i>.

With pinned back ears, the devil winced inwardly and pulled himself back up, hugging his knees tight to his bare chest. Not a day went by, he reminded himself, that he wasn't thankful for the Charmed Ones coming into his life, and for Phoeras turning his heart upside down. He reminded himself of the thrill he'd felt when he realised his demonic half had been purged from him, of the sudden fear and excitement of being human. His life, he'd thought, could truly begin anew.

"So what happened!?" Cole hissed as he suddenly jerked back, throwing up a hand upon which a fierce ball of energy swirled into formation and danced at his fingertips. He drew a shuddering breath in that frozen moment, fighting to pull it all back in, and to force those tormenting dreams back into darkness where nobody else need know of them and where he could forget about them. He trembled visibly, gritted his teeth, and then let loose an anguished roar as he flung the energy ball into the mirror.
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