Nina (neiners) wrote in powerofthree,

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ofjdoijOMFG. =D

You guys. Seriously. One of ZEE BEST CHARMEDS EVER, or maybe I was just in a really good mood. I can't tell the biggest secret! But it was so great, with HEADLESS HORSEMAN and decapitated us >=E and a WOLF for PHOEBE, and .... and .... A SCHOOL OF WITCHCRAFT THAT IS AN ENTIRE RIPOFF OF HOGWARTS AND I DIED. IT WAS SO CRAZY. I loved loved loved it. XD And I can't even tell you the BEST thing! Or maybe the most exciting thing. :Xxx

SHAH is at the gym and Ras is in Some Strange House, SO I HAVE TO TYPE HERE TO LET OUT MY GREAT FEELINGSNESS.
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