Ras Zebradog (vivo) wrote in powerofthree,
Ras Zebradog

Phoeras sighed heavily as she thumbed through the tatted pages of the Book. Her gaze lingered ever slightly longer over one particularly well worn leaf, a rueful sort of smile tugging at the corners of her lips, before her shoulders lifted in a simple shrug and she hefted the Book shut with a dusty thud.

The everyday noise from downstairs filtered in through the floorboards, but the zebra ignored them, mostly; sisters getting ready for work, the phone going off, Wyatt gurgling about something or other... pacing a quiet circle of the attic, with her gaze unable to focus on anything properly, Phoeras found herself folding up on an old chair in a pile of even older blankets. Tucking up her legs and resting her chin on her knees, the 'middle' sister's ears drooped and her eyelids grew heavy, and her brows creased into a silent frown.
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